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Sometimes called the greatest cover band in the history of music, the musicians that back up Al are perfectionists in the fields. They're ability to reproduce every note of the original artists they parody without ever seeing the original sheet music is impressive on its own. However, these guys go farther than just that. Steve Jay and Jim West have solo albums that only hint at their full range of skills. Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz has had many other side projects with other bands as well. The band has been together since the early 80s and Ruben Valtierra joined in the early 90s. Each member is a distiguished gentelman on their own, but when their forces combine on stage or in the studio, it's an experience you won't soon forget.

STEVE JAY- Bass guitar and background vocals

Steve was born on January 26. He played in several bands before meeting up with Al. In the book entitled "The Authorized Al" he let the readers know that if he could trade places with anyone, he would pick the person in front of him in the check out line. Read the Spotlight: the Band section from the Midnight Star for some deep insights. Steve currently is developing a solo career that you can follow at

JON "BERMUDA" SCHWARTZ- Drums and percussion

Jon was born on August 18 and first met Al when they were both on the Dr. Demento show on September 14, 1980. Al had brought the music to his new song which was a parody of Queen's "Another Bites the Dust" entitled "Another One Rides the Bus". Jon agreed to pound on Al's accordion case during the song and he has been Al's drummer ever since. You've read this far, why not see what's in Jon's section of Spotlight: the Band from the Midnight Star. Today, in addition to drumming for Al, Bermuda maintains the official web page for Al.


Ruben is the newest member to band and while he has been a contribution since 1992, I don't have much information on him except that his birthday is on December 26th. He's just as wacky-zany as the rest of the guys. His addition to the Spotlight: the Band again from the Midnight Star can certainly not be overlooked.

JIM WEST- Guitars, banjo, mandolin, and background vocals

Jim was born just a week before Christmas "the year that birth was optional" and played in a couple bands with Steve before hitching up with Al. His favorite food is Rat-on-a-stick, or at least that's what he told the authors of "The Authorized Al". His contributions to the Midnight Star Spotlight: the Band have been most insightful.

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