This came from The Vibe by Adam Curry

WEIRD AL YANKOVIC (a.k.a Looks Like Michael Jackson. Or Nirvana. Or Madonna.)

Q: Do all your hangers face the same way?
A: Yes. Why yes, they do. Thank you for asking.

Q: What's the oldest thing in your closet?
A: A Hawaiian shirt my dad used to wear.

Q: How about the weirdest?
A: Harvey the Wonder Hamster. He likes to sleep there sometimes. But I have a lot of loud shirts too.

Q: When the wonder rodent doesn't scare them away, how many people can fit in there?
A: It's not a walk-in closet, but I suppose if the people were dismembered, you could pack about 40 or 50 in there.

Think we'll stop right about here.