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Taken From The Midnight Star January 1995

1. Are you farsighted or nearsighted? (Ken Innes)

2. Why haven't you had "School Cafeteria" on any album besides the 45 with "My Bologna" on the opposite side?
Frankly, I'm a little embarassed by the really early stuff, and I don't have any burning desire to flaunt my musical shortcomings by releasing those songs on an album. If you're really dying to find out what I sounded like as a teenager, I understand there's a "rarities" tape floating around...
3. Are you thinking of making an updated version of "The Authorized Al" anytime in the future? (Matthew Horn)
Well, the booklet in the Box Set is basically an updated version of the "Authorized Al" only (for the first time) historically accurate. I should mention that "Close Personal Friends of Al" is making the booklet available separately, because I didn't want to force fans into buying the box set if they already had the other albums.
4. Have you ever regretted becoming a music star?
No, it's been lot of fun. Sometimes I wish I could turn the fame on and off like a light switch, but overall I get a kick out of it. More fun than being an architect, I bet.
5. How come you are the only guy in California who isn't tan?
I'm not. I met this guy Bob from Oakland a couple of years ago, and he was just as white as me. Don't you know that the sun's deadly rays can cause brain damage? Don't you watch "Baywatch"?
6. Have you ever been physically hurt by a fan?
Once I received a rather painful headbutt by an overzealous, drunk fan, but by and large, I've never had much of a problem. I think the solution is staying away from really drunk idiots.
7. If you had super powers would you be a hero or a villian and what would you call yourself?
I'd be a hero and I'd call myself...Al.
8. What made you decide to become a vegan (total vegetarian)?
An old girlfriend of mine gave me a book called "Diet for a New America" and it made what I thought was a very compelling argument for a strict vegetarian diet. So now I still sing "My Bologna", but I don't really mean it!
9. How many accordions have you owned over the years and how many do you have now? (Julie Vaughn)
I've smashed and burned a few accordions over the years for dramatic effect- I'm not sure how many I've owned. Currently I have three, although the one I always use is the one I've had since I was seven years old.
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