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Taken From The Midnight Star January 1996

1. Do you know the Italian language (Alfredo Cappello of Milan, Italy)

I only know a couple of handy catchphrases, like the translation for "Won't you please shave off my eyebrows"
2. Do you own a computer? If so, what kind? (David Zechiel)
It's an IBM clone, 486.
3. How old were you when you quit believing in Santa Claus? (Julie Prather)
4. When you are writing lyrics, do you write them when you are all alone or do you have other people around? At what point do you start asking others what they think of the lyrics? Who is the first person you share the lyrics with? (Julie Prather)
Generally, I write the lyrics when I'm at home alone, often very late at night. Once I have a completed first draft of my lyrics, I'll show them to a couple close friends like Joel Miller or Lynn Dickinson, who will in turn tell me if I've completely lost my mind.
5. Any plans yet with the screenplay you wrote? (Joe Krause)
No, and I wouldn't hold my breath. I only wrote it because I figured nobody would believe I lived in L.A. if I didn't have at least one unproduced screenplay gathering dust in a drawer.
6. What is your New Year's resolution? (Nick Kraft)
Put out a stinking album as soon as possible.
7. If you are displeased with Scotti Bros putting out as many compilations as regular albums, why stay with them? (Marty Lick)
I've got this little thing called a long-term contract...
8. What kind of shoes are you referring to in "Don't Wear Those Shoes"?
Exactly the kind you thought I meant.
9. When you go to Taco Bell, what do you order? (Ryan Swoverland)
A bean burrito with green sauce and tomatoes, no cheese.
10. Is your daily schedule always completely filled, or do you sometimes find yourself at home in the evening watching some TV or reading a book for pleasure? (Dave Zechiel)
No matter how busy I am, I always find time to watch old Scott Baio movies on cable.
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