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Taken From The Midnight Star January/February 1997

1. When you leave the stage at the end of your concerts, why aren't you waring your glasses?

Usually I end my concerts by spinning around in circles very quickly, which would sometimes cause my glasses to fall off. So now I remove my glasses before I start spinning -- and then just leave them off until I get backstage.
2. Are you afraid of spiders? Do you have any phobias?
Now that you mention it, sometimes I get really creeped-out when I wake up in the morning and my mouth is full of spiders. Yuck.
3. Why did you write Waffle King? There must be a story behind that.
Boy, you'd think so, wouldn't you? But there isn't. I just wanted to write a song about a guy who becomes incredibly famous for doing something kinda stupid, and then starts taking himself way too seriously. And NO, it's not autobiographical!
4. You seem kind of hyper! How much sleep do you usually get?
It varies vildly. During really busy weeks (I had a few of those last year!) I'll get 2-4 hours sleep, but I love to get 8 or more if my schedule will allow it (and the phone doesn't ring too early in the morning).
5. Do you ever have the guys in the band over to your house for a barbecue? (#'s 1-5 Vicki & Kelsey McLoughlin)
I haven't yet -- but they know they're always welcome to use my barbecue grill.
6. A club in Houston was sued for calling itself Velvet Elvis. Have you heard anytthing from the Presley family about the song's name? (CB)
No. I met Priscilla once or twice while doing the Naked Gun movies, and she never tried to subpoena me or anything.
7. Is there any gag or line you had to cut out of UHF that you really wish you'd been able to keep in? (Eddie Schmidt)
There was a station promo for a new sitcom called "Those Darn Homos!" which Orion made me take out. It was pretty funny, but I guess not terribly P.C.
8. Have you ever had your IQ measured? Do you have a genius level IQ? (Daniel Savad)
I remember taking IQ test in school, but I don't think they ever told me the results. I'm guessing it's somewhere in the triple digits.
9. What is your favorite color?
10. How often do you bowl? (#'s 9 & 10 Hawaiian Ryan Swoverland)
At least once every five years, whether I need to or not.
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