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Taken From The Midnight Star January/February 1998

1. Has Harvey ever bitten you? (Saundra Doyle/The Incredible Colin)

I remember several years ago I was hosting Friday Night Videos with my friend Emo Philips. The producers supplied me with a "Harvey" that was right from the pet shop and had not had much real human interaction. The nervous hamster took a couple chunks out of my hand during the first couple takes of the show opening. I finally had to put on heavy gloves just to hold him.
2. The Official Celebrity Appearance Price List quoted John Tesh at $82,000; How much would I need to spend for a visit from you?
I'm a bargain at just $27,000!
3. Who animates you for the opening & Fatman portions of your show (#'s 2&3 Scott A. Wilson)
A company called Epoch Inc. animated the first part (traditional animation), a company out of Texas called DNA did the computer generated part, and scott Nordlund (who also did my Jurassic Park video) did the claymation at the end. DNA also did the Fatman cartoons. They are known on the animation circuit for their "Nana and Li'l Puss Puss" series, and aalso recently did a TV special called "Santa vs. the Snowman."
4. Do your parents still tell you to get your hair cut?
It depends. Which hair are you talking about?
5. Are there any reasons why you haven't ventured into the musical style of zydeco, where the accordion is revered as the most popular instrument? (#'s 4 & 5 - Dan Raudonis)
Actually, I've been listening to quite a lot of zydeco recently, so I wouldn't be too surprised if a zydeco-flavored original crops up on the next album.
6. What is the story behind the "Spasm Jam" at the end of the OTDE CD? (Austen Dooley)
I wanted to emulate Nirvana, who also had a song following ten minutes of silence at the end of their "Nevermind" album. But I also thought it would be a great practical joke to make a "song" a six-second burst of the most anxiet-provoking sounds imaginable, thereby scaring people out of their minds. We actually spent a lot of time recording and mixing that - adding feedback, fingernails on chalkboards, etc. We wanted to create the most annoying six seconds of audio ever recorded.
7. How many foreign countries have you visited and which ones?
Most of my international traveling was done while I was promoting UHF. To date, I've been to Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, England, Holland, Germany and Belgium. That's all I can think of off hand.
8. Who is your favorite cartoon character? (#'s 7 & 8 - Jen Willis)
I used to say Marvin the Martian, but now I guess it's.... uh.... ME!
9. Does your curly hair ever get on your nerves?
I used to want straight hair when I was growing up, but now I don't mind my curly hair so much. I only get the impulse to shave it all off every once in a while.
10. Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? (#'s 9 & 10 - Abigail Atkinson)
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