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Taken From The Midnight Star March 1995

1. When you send out autographed photographs, do you sign them personally or have a secratary do it?

The autographs are always authentic, although I *may* have signed it before reading the letter requesting it. All mail coming in to CPFA is first screened by an assistant, who burns the song suggestions, defuses the mail bombs, and responds appropriately to everything else, sometimes sending a pre-autographed picture, sometimes fowarding the letter to me for a more personal response. I *do* read all my mail eventually, but it may be months or a year after I've received it, depending on my schedule.
2. Do you enjoy the Midnight Star since it is run by devoted fans and headed by the greatest leader a newsletter could have? (Questions 1&2 by Matthew Horn)
Yes, I'm the luckiest boy in the worrrrrrld!
3. What do you see yourself doing in 20 years? (Julie Vaughn)
Drooling all over myself.
4. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
I would be a one-celled animal, like an amoeba. I just like to keep things simple.
5. If you could be anything over again in your childhood or career, what would it be (and why)? (#'s 4 & 5 by Annie Hagler)
I would be Speed Racer- cause he's the coolest!
6. Do you like to cook? Do you regulary cook meals for yourself or do you eat like a bachelor and just graze all day? What do you eat for breakfast?
I don't like to cook anything that requires more than one step. I graze a lot, use the microwave on occasion, and eat out whenever I get the chance. For breakfast (if I wake up that early), I usually just have juice, or a bowl of organic raspberry muesli in vanilla soy milk.
7. Is there anything you did naughty as a boy that you never got caught for and still no one knows about it that you could confess to your forgiving fans right now? (Fearless Leader's comment: And that you wouldn't mind your mother knowing about?!?!?!?)?
No. Absolutely nothing. I was perfect in every way. With the exception of that tiny train-derailing incident.
8. If you weren't in showbiz, would you continue to line in the Los Angeles area or would you ever consider moving away to another place? If so, where would that be?
I grew up in LA, and I feel comfortable here, so I'm probably not moving anytime soon. If I did move out of LA, I'd probably stay in California - San Diego and Bay Area are both nice. I love Toronto too. I'd even consider moving to Maryland if I had a good enough reason.
9. Does the threat of earthquake (and mudslides, brushfires, etc. FL) bother you at all?
I look forward to natural disasters. I used to go tobogganing when I was a kid, so it should be a real blast when my house finally slides down the hill.
10. Do you REALLY have a pet hamster? Why don't you have any big pets like a dog? You look like a dog kind of guy. Would you say you're an animal lover or not? (#'s 6-10 Cindy Caturia)
I am an animal lover, and yes, I did have a dog named China when I was growing up. I would find it difficult to have a pet nowadays, because I live by myself, and I'm on the road sometimes for months, during which time a pet would probably get pretty hungry.
11. If you could take one flavour of yogurt with you to a desert island for 163 days what flavour would it be? Would it have any artifical colours? (Dylan B. from Australia)
Boysenberry- fruit on the bottom- injected with every color not found in nature.
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