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Taken From The Midnight Star March/April 1996

1. What are the chances you're ever gonna come to Europe for a concert?

Not great - it's a very expensive proposition to take our entire production overseas. If we're lucky we may be touring Australia for the first time this year, but we're considerably more popular there than in Europe. Of course, if some European promoter wants us badly enough, anything is possible.
2. Has anything ever happened to you that nobody believed when you tried telling people about it later?
I still can't anybody to believe that Elvis came to my house in the middle of the night and mowed my lawn.
3. Do you think life evolved a) as some kind of biological accident; b) with the help of a superior being; c) in a fridge; d) or do you have your own thoery?
4. Where does your inspiration come from? (#'s 1-4 Gideon Haberkorn)
5. I recently saw you on the American Music Awards. How long did it take you to get your hair like that? And how long to get it back to normal? (Tyler Herman)
It takes between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the number of braids. I've done it three times now (the album cover shoot, the AMA's and the new video) and I really don't recommend it to anyone with a fragile HURTS! It talks about half as long to untangle is.
6. Do you collect anything (like stamps, Star Wars stuff, etc.)? (Colin the Incredible)
Well, I think my collection of Weird Al memorabilia is second only to Bermuda's. Plus, I'm currently collecting mold in my refrigerator.
7. Which musical instument do you wish you knew how to play? (Julie Prather)
I wish I knew how to play the guitar, so that every time I have to fake it for a video, I'd at least have clue as to what I should be doing.
8. Why was Waffle King left off the Off the Deep End album?
Okay, I think this is what happened: I had already written the originals for "Alapalooza" by the time we were finishing "Off the Deep End". One of those originals was "I was Only Kidding" and I was rightly concerned that the line "I realy love you...not!" would be about as funny as "Where's the Beef" by the time 1993 rolled around. And since there's a ceiling on the number of songs I can put on an album, I decided to record IWOK and save "Waffle King" for the next album. And I put "Waffle King" on the flip side of "Smells Like Nirvana" single just in case there wasn't going to be a next album (Hey, you never know in this business!).
9. Do you have a tattoo? If not, would you consider getting one and what would you get? (Colin the Incredible)
I don't have a tattoo and don't plan on getting one, but if I did, I'd want a tattoo on my pancreas, so that if I ever had to have major exploratory sugery, the doctor would think I was really cool.
10. Your adult female fans see you as handsome and incredibly sexy. How do you see yourself? (Pam)
I use a mirror.
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