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Taken From The Midnight Star March/April 1998

1. There are many people who want to know "Why didn't you tour (my state's name here) during the BHD tour, etc." Is there anywhere or anyone to whom a person can write and let them know there is an interest and possible audience for you? It seems you hit the same places each time your tour anymore (Pam R. on behalf of the entire MS membership)

Believe it or not, we really do try to cover as much of the country as possible, but we can only go where we get reasonable offers. I don't know if it would do any good to harass them, but local concert promoters and fair organizers would usually make those kind of decisions
2. What was your favorite movie that you saw last yeat?
I hate to be so totally un-original, but I'd probably have to say "Titanic".
3. Do gentelmen/you prefer blondes? (Catheryn Blair)
I don't judge a woman by the color of her hair. I judge her by the size and shape of her nostrils.
4. Are you going to rewrite the words to and re-record Buckingham Blues because of what happened to Princess Diana? (Terrill Eugene Williams)
Uh, no.
5. Is Rocky Road really your favorite ice cream? (Gretchen Wood)
There's really no ice cream I dislike (although I'm trying to avoid dairy in general these days), but I got pretty burnt out on Rocky Road in the early 80's. I was involved in a number of Rocky Road ice cream eating contests to promote that single.
6. What/who inspired "Airline Amy"?
I was not thinking of any particular woman. "Airline Amy" was actually inspired by a couple of songs that I heard by Nick Lowe and Jonathan Richman.
7. Is Harvey the Wonder Hamster related to the Radioactive Hamster from a Planet Near Mars? (Mary "Zorak" Griswold)
They're second cousins twice removed.
8. What was your favorite subject in school?
Probably math.
9. Did you have many friends when you were young or were you always considered "weird" (Vicki & Kelsey McLoughlin)
I had a very small group of very weird friends.
10. How many accordions do you own? (Jen Willis)
I think right now, including my midi one, I own four.
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