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Taken From The Midnight Star May 1995

1. Are You addicted to anything except spuds? (Gideon Haberkorn)

Breathing in and out. I just can't stop.
2. Has a wax figure been made of you for a museum?
No, but once an old girlfriend of mine did make a sculpture of me out of Play-doh.
3. Have you ever released music under an alias?
Yes, for the last several years, I've been releasing lame instrumental albums under the name "Kenny G".
4. Is it difficult for you to find women who like you for you are and not how much money (they think) you have? (Julie Vaughn- #'s 2, 3, & 4)
You'll never know how hard it is to find a woman who can overlook the whole money thing and just love me for my perfectly-shaped nostrils.
5. Is that absolutely gorgeous hair of yours a lot of trouble to care for? Do you have trouble combing out those curls? What kind of shampoo do you like best and how often do you get it cut?
Usually I finger-comb my hair, but every once in a while (about the time I start looking like a reggae musician) I need to use a real comb. This is not very fun, and usually takes half an hour or so. When I shampoo I usually use Nexxus products, and I get my hair at _least_ once a year, whether I need it or not.
6. Why have you chosen to keep the same stule of glasses all these years? Have you evern been tempted to try a different style, or perhaps some plastic frames? (Staff's comment: YUCK!)
Instead of trying to re-invent myself every six months like Madonna, I prefer to keep my image the same, just so people can reassure themselves that there's at least one thing that stays constant in this crazy world. Actually, around 1990, I wore plastic frames when I was trying to be more "incognito", but I felt kinda stupid.
7. Aside from when you were born, have you ever been hospitalized?
Not to my knowledge.
8. Do you ever shop at K-Mart?
Only to buy my animal-print bikini underware.
9. Do you put up a Christmas tree at your house and if so is it a fake one or do you buy a real tree? (Cindy Caturia- #'s 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9)
I have a tiny fake Christmas tree that dances when you sing to it.
10. There are a LOT of fans out here who would love to see a live album & video from one (or more) of your tours. Do you think you'll ever make us happy and release something like that? Pam Ritchie (Speaking for many, many people who also yearn for a "live" Al video!)
I would have to say probably not, although you never know what my wacky record company might insist on someday. The food medley in particular would be nearly impossible to get legal clearance for (because, among other reasons, it contains a few "unauthorized" parodies). The other songs performed live in concert stay pretty close to the original arrangements, and I think there's more than enough Al compilations floating around already, so I'd probably veto the idea of a live album. (Of course, if MTV ever wanted to do a Weird Al Unplugged, I might have to reconsider.) In the meantime, go ahead and bootleg the shows - just don't let ME catch you!
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