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Taken From The Midnight Star May/Jun 1998

1.After 30-plus years of high-intensity accordion playing, how are your carpal tunnels holding out? (Unruly July Jiles)

Just fine, thanks!
2. Do you own any Pez dispensers?
I've been given a few over the years. My favorite one is a Weird Al Pez dispenser that a fan made for me.
3. What is your favorite cartoon show on TV?
I guess that would have to be "The Adventures of Fatman."
4. Who is your favorite musician that you have parodied (#'s 2 & 4 Jon Hillyer)
I've been a big fan of quite a few artists that I've parodied ... It's really hard to say. So I won't.
5. Have you ever been arrested? (Lee Schuler)
6. On "This is the Life", scratching is credited to an artist known only as "The Glove" --but whose glove is it really? (Eddie Schmidt)
The Glove was a professional "scratcher" who we called in just for that session. That's the only name he gave us. I never met him before and I haven't seen him since.
7. Do you have and recurring nightmares?
See album #5, Side 1, Track 2.
8. In past issues of the MS you have said you judge a woman by the size of her nostrils. Would you consider dating the nasally-challenged? (#'s 7-8 The Incredible Colin)
Only if she's got really big ear lobes.
9. Have you ever collaborated with a fan on a song or video? (Nancy Eckard)
No, not really.
10. Any chance we could see a Rare & Unreleased compilation to be sold to readers of the MS and/or the Demento Society that would include songs like "Belvedere Crusing" and "School Cafeteria" and a "Weird Al Show" soundtrack album? (Derik Rhum)
The Demento Society has been doing their part by releasing some of my pre-record contract rarities on the Doctor's annyal Basement Tapes collections for the last few years. I think that way, the hard-core fans can hear how lousy I used to sound, and the run-of-the-mill fan won't be subjected to it. If a decent copy can be located, there should be a live-on-the-air early recording of "School Cafeteria" on the next edition. As far as songs from the Weird Al Show, a soundtrack album is highly unlikely at this point, although I'm considereing throwing the theme song on the next album.
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