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Taken From The Midnight Star July 1994

1. What is the most memorable thing a fan has ever done for you? (Darlene Brown)

I guess I'd have to say, starting this newsletter!
2. Why haven't you ever been on Saturday Night Live? We think you'd be great. (Tonya, Wesley & Tracy Wright; Terrell E. Williams)
Thanks. I think the problem is, you have to be asked first.
3. Have you ever tried to write a parody of a song that has already been parodied? (R.J. Witcher)
That's been the case a number of times, but I always had the advantage of being on a major record label.
4. On bass virtuoso Stuart Hemm's 1st solo album "Radio Free Albemuth", there is a song called "Country Music (A Night in Hell)". At the very end of the track, an extremely Al-like voice yells, "Hey! Play a polka!" I'd like to know if that is really you, or just an amazing facsimile.
Unless he sampled it from somewhere, I would have to guess that it's just an amazing facsimile.
5. As you appear as a Martion DJ in the introductory video for the "Red Planet Race" game, I'm curious about how you hooked yo with the folks that produced this virtual reality piece, and what it was like to do the video? (#s 4&5 Boris- from Prodigy)
An agent that was (briefly) representing me got me an audition with the folks at virtual world, who happened to be fans, and hired me for the role of Freeman Hack. They were a pleasure to work with. It was just a couple of hours' work on a soundstage in North Hollywood- I remember the wardrobe was pretty hot and cumbersome.
6. Where did the name "Imaginary Entertainment come from? (Lois Ritchie)
From the brain of Jay Levey. (It's his company).
7. Do you still have the leather jacket you wore in the George Michael section of the UHF video? (Carlotta Barnes (the shy one))
I gave it away to a friend of mine a couple of years ago.
8. Are you farsighted of nearsighted? (Ken Innes)
9. Do you like Spam?
Being a vegetarian, I can't honestly say that I eat a whole lot of it.
10. What did you do on your 27th birthday? (#s 9 & 10, Gideon Haberkorn)
Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head.
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