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Taken From The Midnight Star July 1995

1. How old were you when you got your first pair of glasses? (Steven Shilling)

I think I was in the 4th grade...I don't know, about 8?
2. What's your favorite opening line when introducing yourself to or asking out an attractive female? (A.J. Orosco)
Hi, my name's Al. Wanna go out?
3. Where do you like to go on vacation and once there, what are your favorite activities?
I tend to turn all my "business" trips into vacations- I rarely go someplace just for the sake of going there, although I'm thinking about going to Hawaii or Mexico this summer. I hear the cable TV there is _great_!
4. When you take a girl out on a date, where do you usually take her?
Fairly standard stuff- usually I'll take a date to dinner, sometimes a movie. If she's wearing the appropriate shoes I might take her for a midnight hike to the Hollywood sign. I don't normally pull out the shoehorns and dental floss till at least the second date.
5. Have you ever considered getting married and having a family of your own? (#'s 3-5 Michele Fritchie)
Oh, it'll probably happen someday...I've never been in much of a hurry to grow up.
6. Why did you cancel your Off the Deep End concert in Baltimore? Editor's Note: Why are some concerts cancelled when other dates are added within the same tour? (Ian Bonds)
I personally have never canceled a concert for any reason. If any show is cancelled, it is because that show's _promoter_ decided to cancel it. Sometimes shows are booked and then canceled without me ever finding out about them.
7. Would you ever date a fan of yours? (Beth Francik)
Well, I'm certainly more inclined to be attracted to somebody who likes my work than someone who thinks I'm an idiot.
8. What religion are you? Would you call yourself a Christian? ("Lisa Hut" Jenson/Doug Rand/Justin Pettway/Jonathan Rand/Shonna Felice)
9. Now that Harvey the Wonder Hamster lives at MuchMusic in Canada, will he ever be seen again by Americans? ("Lisa Hut" Jenson)
If Harvey gets his green card, he'll be coming back to the States regularly.
10. This is a collective question from various fan who have written in: Where do you get your Hawaiian/Wild print shirts from? A lot of the fans would like to get some like yours but are having no luck finding them. Any suggestions? (Pam Ritchie)
I used to wear a lot of shirts made by a now-defunct company called "Burmys"- nowadays I buy a lot of shirts from "Jam's World"- but most of my best shirts are ones I find in thrift shops and used clothings stores. I've alo gotten quite a few from fans and concert promoters.
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