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Taken From The Midnight Star July/August 1996

1. Why do you give special thanks to Weezer when there is no parody or nothing of them (on BHD)? (Tony Olivas)

"Buddy Holly" by Weezer was originally in the Alternative Polka. In fact, it was completely recorded, and we were about to do the final mix when we got a call from Weezer's management - apparently the song's writer, Rivers Cuomo, decided for whatever reason that he didn't want his song in my medley after all, so at the very last minute (after the "special thanks" had already been printed on the CD and cassette booklets) we had to physically cut the song out of the medley. I'm still kind of bummed about it - it sounded really cool.
2. Is it true Coolio is angry at you for some reason? (Aaron Layman)
I've had to answer this question many times already, but once again: There was apparently some major miscommunication between Coolio's people and my people. I was under the impression that Coolio had given his blessing for me to do a parody of "Gangsta's Paradise". However, much to my surprise, Coolio made a statement to the press backstage at the Grammys, saying that he didn't appreciate my "desecrating" his song, and that I should "stay away" from him. I don't know if Coolio changed his mind about the parody, or if my record company just gave me some bad information - I don't think I'll ever know for sure what happened. I immediately send Coolio a sincere letter of apology for the misunderstanding, but have to this date not heard back from him.
3. Why wasn't Green Eggs and Ham on Bad Hair Day?
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the proper clearance from the Dr. Suess estate, so this will have to remain a "concert-only" favorite.
4. What are you saying backwards at the end of "I Remember Larry"? (#'s 3 & 4 Julie Weeden)
I believe it's "Wow, you must have an awful lot of free time on your hands!"
5. What's your first memory?
Getting spanked by the doctor. (Of course, I was 23 at the time.)
6. Are you nearsighted or far-sighted?
Near-sighted. Actually, anybody that tries on my glasses says, "Wow, you're blind!"
7. Do you color your hair? (#'s 5-7 Michelle San Angelo)
8. When you were a kid what were your favorite TV shows? (Jeff Hoyt)
Cartoons, Sitcoms, "The Twilight Zone"...actually, any time the illusion of motion was created by a cathode ray tube, I was there.
9. When you do your taxes, do you procrastinate? (Colin the Incredible)
No, I have my accountant do them right away.
10. Does it get annoying when people come up to you and want to meet you? (Steven Shiling)
Only if they're rude, obnoxious or really drunk ("Hey man, can I give you a head butt?"). It's never annoying to meet friendly, considerate people.
11. Have you ever worn contacts? (Carlotta Barnes)
No, I've never worn contacts. I got fitted for them last year, but it was just too traumatic for my sensitive eyes, so I'm sticking with glasses.
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