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Taken From The Midnight Star September 1995

1. How do your neighbors feel about living next door to a celebrity? (Mike Whelan)

How did you know my neighbors lived next door to Leslie Nielsen?
2. Are you a fan of Mystery Science Theatre 3000? (Doug Rand/Justin Pettway/Jonathan Rand)
I've been a fan of MST3K for a long time. In fact - (interesting bit of trivia) - Joel Hodgson was my original first choice to play Philo in "UHF", but he was on some kind of self-imposed show business hiatus at the time.
3. I am trying to do parodies of my own. How do I get permission? (Ian Bonds)
Kids, don't try this at home. Leave it to professionals -- it's dangerous work. But if you insist, the best bet is to contact the publisher of the original music.
4. I read that "Talk Soup" was going to be the new theme song for the E! Channel's show of the same name. How come they never used it yet? (Laurie Webber)
Well, to put it bluntly, they kind of jerked me around. The producers of the show approached me, asking me to do a new theme song for the show. I wrote the lyrics (which they approved) and then recorded the song (which they said they "loved"). And then they never used it. Go figure.
5. Do you ever go out in disguise when you don't want to be recognized or do you just be yourself and take your chances?
If I really want to disguise myself, I have to put in contact lenses, shave my mustache, cut off all my hair and wear a nondescript shirt. So if I'm just going out to get the mail or something, it's usually not worth it.
6. Where are your parents from originally? And their parents? (#'s 5 & 6 - Michele Fritchie)
My dad was born in Kansas and his parents were from Yugoslavia. My mother was born in Kentucky and her parents were Italian and English.
. 7. What exercises do you do (if any) to keep yourself of healthy & limber status? (A.J. Orosco)
When I go on tour I get a 95-minute aerobic exercise every night. Other than that, I just try to exercise my best judgment.
8. What's your favorite TV show? (Amie Hagler)
I guess my all-time favorite show was "Police Squad".
9. Since the "Authorized Al" book and a lot of other "Weird Al" collectors' items have gone out of print (like the videotape of UHF and the Compleat Al) why don't you re-issue them? (Note: That question/request goes for some of the older T-shirts too, like the UHF shirt.) (Terrill Eugene Williams)
Well, I may be many things, but I'm not a book publisher or video distributor, so it's hard for me to "re-issue" anything. If you know of a company that's interested in doing it...we'll talk. As for the T-shirts, it's very difficult for us to keep more than a small handful in stock, so unfortunately the older ones will have to remain collectors' items.
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