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Taken From The Midnight Star Septermber/October 1996

1. Are you ever going to write your autobiography, like Howard Stern did? (Eddie Schmidt)

If I were to write my autobiography, I doubt very much that it would be like Howard Stern did.
2. We know One More Minute was inspired by a real ex-girlfriend; Were any other of your boy-loses-girl songs also inspired by an unhappy romance? (Lisa Hut Jenson)
I don't think I was specifically thinking of anybody when I wrote those other songs, but of course I've had a plethora of dysfunctional relationships to draw inspiration from.
3. What's your favorite place to eat?
A resturaunt
4. What's your favorite cereal?
Organic raspberry mueslix.
5. How many different colors of socks do you have? (#'s 3-5, Ryan Swoverland)
6. Have you ever seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show with full audience participation? Did you like it? Did you dress up? Would you go again? (Bill Putt)
I believe I've seen RHPS three times in the theatre, twice with audience participation. I enjoyed it very much, but I didn't dress up, and I don't feel strongly compelled to go again -- been there.
7. How did Jim West feel about not being in the Gump video? Did he want to be in it? (Steven Shilling)
I feel really bad that Jim wasn't in the video. He was actually supposed to be in the video instead of Steve, since the part called for a guitar player. Jim literally lost the role because he had too much hair -- our hair stylist said it would be nearly impossible to fit him in a short hair wig. Jim, as always, was a terrific sport about it - hopefully I'll be able to feature his talents next time around.
8. Will you ever release the Al-TV specials on tape? (Ian Bonds)
Very, very doubtful. Most of the stuff on Al-TV (especially the earlier stuff) was never legally cleared - playing it on cable TV is one thing, but offering it for sale is quite another. Feel free to swap tapes with friends.
9. Are you surprised at the range of ages of your fans, from 5 to 85? Or was this expected?
I never suspect who my fans will be - as always, I just write what I personally think is funny and hope that other people will enjoy it as well.
10. Are you familiar with Peter Schickele and PDQ Bach, and how do you feel when he is referred to as the Weird Al of the classical world? (#'s 9-10, April Hassel)
I'm very familiar with PDQ Bach (he beat me out of several Grammys!) and enjoy Mr. Schickele's work. I think that description of him is very flattering to me - I'm not sure how he would feel about it.
BONUS QUESTION: Boxers or briefs (Chris Sedtal)
At the moment, briefs...
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