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Taken From The Midnight Star September/October 1997

1. Who does the ominous voice of Big Louie in UHF (Eddie Schmitt)

I don't remember. It doesn't say in the credits?
2. Did you get an Easter basket this year and if so what was in it? (Mary Renee McReynolds)
I don't think I got one this year.
3. In the song "I Want A New Duck" the name Bruce is mentioned. Is that the reason why the duck in Peter & The Wolf is name Bruce?
4. Who out of the entire band is the tallest? Shortest? (#'s 3 & 4 Sara "Cornfed" Brooks)
I haven't measured them recently. I'm about six foot even, that's about all I can tell you.
5. Did you ever drive a motorcycle?
6. Are you a Neat Freak or a slob or somewhere in between?
Somewhere in between.
7. Do you ever really go bowling? Do you own a bowling ball?
I don't get to bowl very often, but I try to go at least once every several years, just to stay in practice. The owner of the Big Kahuna in Deleware actaulally gave me a bowling ball on tour this year.
8. Do you play Monopoly or any other board games? Did you as a child? What was/is your favorite (#'s 5 - 8 Vicki & Kelsey McLoughlin)
I don't play too many board games these days - but I do play a computer trivia game called "You Don't Know Jack" on occasion (thanks, Marty & Nick!). I played a lot of board games as a kid. I don't know if I had a favorite - I suppose Monopoly was one, but the fact that it took weeks to finish a game was a bit of a drawback.
9. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket, crashed or been in court? (Abigail Atkinson)
I got a speeding ticket once, and went to traffic school for it. I've had a couple minor fender benders in my life, nothing serious. And so far, I've never had to go to court for anything.
10. Ahem....what size is your bed? King, queen, etc...? (Jen Willis)
It's called a "California King" - it's slightly larger than King size.
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