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Taken From The Midnight Star November/December 1996

1. Where did you get your good looks?

Enormous amounts of plastic surgery.
2. Are you available? (#'s 1-2 Allison Corbin)
Yes, I'm available for wedding and Bar Mitzvahs. Call my agent.
3. Do you keep in touch with the people you were in UHF with like Michael Richards and Fran Drescher? (Willie T. Brandum)
Unfortunately I don't get to see them very often (I hear they're doing some TV shows now or something)...but I do run into them every once in a while.
4. What was/is your favorite pizza topping?
Tomato sauce.
5. Who is your lifetime hero?
I guess I'd have to say Dr. Demento.
6. How many pair of lederhosen do you have (#'s 4-6, Ryan Swoverland)
Just one. And I've pretty much retired it since the "Polka Party" days.
7. Who drew the cover of your first album? Was it you? (Steven Shilling)
No, it was a Brazillian artist name Rogerio. We picked him because of his MAD Magazine-like drawing style.
8. I know you produce your own albums. Would you be willing to produce the album of another parody artist? (Ian Bonds)
Well, my dance card's pretty full these days - but you can always submit any reasonable business proposition you like to my manager (Jay Levey at Imaginary Entertainment)
9. Why are you thanked on the inner sleeve of Quiet Riot's QRIII album (Eddie Schmidt)
I think it's because I had invited them to be my special guests on "Weird Al's Guide to the Grammys". In one segment of the TV show, two guys from Quiet Riot share a limo (and pickeled wieners) with myself, Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon, and Steve Allen.
10. If you hadn't gotten permission from Coolio to do Amish Paradise, what would have been the feature cover for Bad Hair Day? (Jim Maciorowski)
Gee, I don't know...I'm not sure that I would have put out "Gump" as the first single... maybe I would still be waiting to put out the album.
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