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Taken From The Midnight Star Novemeber/December 1997

1. Is your original music teacher still alive, and if so, is he/she proud of his former student? (The Incredible Colin)

My original accordion teacher was a wonderful lady named Mrs. Fesenmeyer, although it's not the actress that plays her on the Weird Al Show. I haven't seen her since I was about ten, but I believe she's still with us.
2. How long does it take you to re-grow your mustache once you shave it off? (The Incredible Colin)
Usually about three or four weeks.
3. Who would you say is your biggest competitor? (Ian Clements)
4. Since you've done a few movie themes now, would you ever consider scoring an entire film? Would it have to be a comedy? (Eddie Schmitt)
I probably could score a movie, but that's not really my forte. I have some friends (Steve Jay, Jim West and Will Anderson to name a few) who are a whole lot more talented at it than I am - I'd rather give them the work.
5. Does a "director's cut" or "alternate version" of UHF exist with different and/or deleted scenes, and would you ever allow that to be released? (Eddie Schmitt)
The first cut of UHF was about an hour longer than the final theatrical version - but believe me, there was a REASON that hour was cut. You're not really missing anything.
6. Have you ever tried to do (or considered doing) a parody of a song by a deceased artist like Jimi Hendrix or Elvis Presley? (Terill Eugene Williams)
I don't have anything against dead people. If I were to think of a funny enough idea, I would certainly consider it.
7. How many rooms are there in your house? (Abigail Atkinson)
2 bed, 2 bath.
8. Are you Jewish or Polish? (We have a poll 8 to 5) (Jen Willis)
9. How long have you been able to contort your body the way that we saw on "I Lost On Jeopardy" and "Space Ghost: Coast To Coast"? (Allison Corbin)
Since my early teens.
10. Have you met any Presidents? (Ryan "Bruno" Michaliski)
Once I met the President of the local Rotary Club. Does that count?
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