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"Weird Al" Yankovic - September 19, 1996

Al Says: Hi, how are you doing, great to be here.

From Jim: What's the real story behind the rumor about your parody of Billy Joel's "Piano Man?"
Al Says: I never did a parody of Billy Joel's Piano Man, I did a parody of Billy Joel called It's Still Billy Joel to Me, maybe that's what you are thinking of.

From Lil Taffie: In the video "Amish Paradise", was the Amish buggy authentic or a replica? Either way, where did you get it? Tell Jon I hope to be able to make it to Bakersfield to see you two again. Bye sweetie, Kathy
Al Says: We rented it in southern California, so I can't guarantee how authentic it was.

From Alfan0027@aol.com: 2 questions: Why was George of the jungle and Isle thing left off of THE TV ALBUM? Why is you don't love me anymore called DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE on the cassette of OTDE?
Al Says: Those two songs were left off the TV Album because there were a limited number of songs we could put on the album, and I arbitrarily chose those two. As far as the other question, that was a typo only on the cassette version of the album. The correct title is "You Don't Love Me Anymore".

From timl@geocites.com: Can you tell me some ideas on how to get better at writing parodies? I have one written but it isn't too good.
Al Says: That's best left to professionals. Kids, don't try this at home.

From timl@geocites.com: Would you be willing to do a concert for a school full of High School Students, in Lansdale, PA?
Al Says: Sure, give my agent a call.

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From jjbobzin@inst.augie.edu: When are you ever going to do another movie like UHF??
Al Says: I'd sure like to. Don't expect to be seeing it in the theaters any time soon, though. I'm still waiting for a major studio to whisk me away.

From satchmo@netexpress.net: Weird Al: Do you do your older songs on tour or just stuff from the new album, if so...do you do any costume changes on stage (like in the "I'm Fat, Eat It videos)? -Satch
Al Says: We do a lot of the greatest hits and a few older obscure things as well as things from the new album, and there are costume changes throughout the entire show.

From timl@geocites.com: For my schools lipsync contest, may I lipsync to one of your songs?
Al Says: Yes, you have my permission. Let me know how it goes.

From troyh@eriver.com: I bought your four CD Set, I drive the entire Creative Services team in the office nuts-o with a constant pelting of your tunes, when are you (guys) playing in Dallas, Texas next? FYI- I have been in fights over you supporting your music. Some people just don't *#$%? get it do they?
Al Says: Thanks for keeping up the good fight. We have no Texas dates booked on this tour yet, but keep your fingers crossed.

From jjbobzin@inst.augie.edu: ANy new songs in the making. What do we have to look forward to from Weird Al.
Al Says: No idea, yet, particularly on the parodies. I am planning to start the next album when the tour finally ends and chances are that any songs that are popular now will be old by the time the tour ends so we'll have to wait and see.

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From timl@geocites.com: Can I be your protege and have you teach me how to write and sing music?
Al Says: For five bucks!

From jjbobzin@inst.augie.edu: when are you going to change your hairdoo
Al Says: I change it for practically every video. : ) Besides, people need a certain amount of stability in their lives and I like to think that my hairstyle supplies that for them.

From jason685@chicago.email.net: Are you ever gonna do a parody of one of Whitney Houston's songs?
Al Says: Maybe. I tend not to do parodies of female singers, but if she has a song I just can't avoid parodying, I'll be giving her a call.

From timl@geocites.com: Do you HAVE to get permission from the original artist to parody their music?
Al Says: Legally, it is a grey area, but ethically I think it's the right thing to do and it's the way I have always done business.

From capdev @earthlink.net: Have you ever written or sung a serious song non parody
Al Says: Well, I have done plenty of non parodies, but none of them have been serious. I think there are enough people in the world that do unfunny music and I am quite happy with my little niche in life.

From poohbear@pooh.mil.wi.us: I heard (and seen pictures) that you finally visited the Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota. Was it as much of an experience as in your songwith the idea of the Yoda chant?
Al Says: A variation of what is now being called the Yoda chant was something I heard a friend of mine perform in a small club a number of years ago. I had him teach it to me and in turn taught it to my band. I believe it's Indian in origin, but I am not sure of the significance of it.

From sc5x@yankovic.res.cmu.edu: Hi Al! Happy Steve here... In your song, "I'll Repair For You", what's that line that goes after "Well have no fear, I'll patch up every hole..." ? Thanks
Al Says: "...cuz I'm licensed and I'm bonded, even se habla espagnol"

From Danny Schwei (frontpub@execpc.com): Where do you buy all of those FUNKY costumes, and where do you buy your RADICAL clothes?
Al Says: Most of the costumes we have specially made for the tours. It's hard to find a good Fat costume at the Gap. A lot of the shirts I have collected over the years at thrift and retail stores and as presents from friends and fans.

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From sasst37@pitt.edu: Have you ever thought about shaving off your mustache? -just curious
Al Says: Again, I have done it on occasion for various videos, most recently for Amish Paradise since I wanted to be authentic and Amish men don't wear moustaches.

From SuePerry@iag.net: Any chance of the band going overseas this tour?
Al Says: I've been hearing rumors of us going to Australia and Europe, but there has been a holdup with the international release of Bad Hair Day, so I'm not sure when or if that will happen.

From Kristina H. (Fnjrh@aurora.alaska.edu): On Oct. 24th you're going to be playing in Mobile. My younger brother moved from Alaska to Mobile a few years ago and since then I have had NO opportunities to pick on him. He will be at your concert-Will you please pick on him for me? His name is Joe Mulready and he has a great sense of humor. (He had to, he had me for a sister!) Teasing over the phone or by mail just isn't the same. Will you tease, taunt, or just generally pick on him for me PLEASE? I really miss him.
Al Says: I can't really torment him from the stage, but give me his address and phone number and I will stalk him for you later.

From FERR@worldnet.att.net: Who is your favorite singer(group)?
Al Says: Hard to narrow it down to just one, I like a lot of different bands that are somewhat alternative and quirky, oddly enough.

From chrisr@hpl.hp.com: Al, I have attended 2 Bad Hair Day concerts and think it should not be missed by and self-respecting human. That said, I couldn't stop thinking that the Seattle show (at the Paramount Theatre) was electric and surreal. The Konocti Harbor show seemed to be lacking the enthusiasm (from the fans, not from your performance!!!).. Just a thought.
Al Says: Maybe they were getting eaten up by bugs like I was that night.

From Thomy@worldnet.att.net: Can you come perform here in Greenville, SC (free room and board here at my house!)?
Al Says: What's for dinner?

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From billybob@eagle.ca: Do you have any "celebs" as friends? Thanks Bill
Al Says: I think my closest celebrity friends are people like Emo Phillips, Judy Tenuta and Victoria Jackson.

From jgd15@columbia.edu: Hi Al! I'm a big fan who was at your Westbury, LI performance on May 30, and I'm seeing you again tomorrow at the Beacon. You are truly awesome live...Do you stick around for autogra little shrine in my house.

From timl@geocites.com: Does you band help you write any of your songs?
Al Says: Not lyrics, but of course they all work out their own parts when we do the originals. I provide them with a demo tape and they embellish their parts as we work them out.

From jgd15@columbia.edu: Al, I've been to one live show of yours (tomorrow will be the second), and your live stuff is full of energy. I know you have no control over this, but would you LIKE to see an album of live stuff put out? I know a lot of Al-ites certainly would!! -Joe DeAngelis
Al Says: I would have mixed feelings about a live album. In the mean time you might be interested in our upcoming Disney Channel special which will feature many songs shot in Vancouver, BC, Canada on the Bad Hair tour. The special will air the first week in December.

From Al, what will your next video be? :
Al Says: I have absolutely no idea.

From craigb@netwalk.com: What did you think of the Newport Music Hall In Columbus. Although it is not vey big, I thought it was a cool place to see a show. The way you incorporated the video with your music was a great idea, and the interviews were hysterical. FABULOUS SHOW
Al Says: Thanks, I had a great time at the Newport. It was my second time there and it's always a lively crowd. I hope to come back again soon.

From ARG418@WOW.COM: Have you ever considered doing a Xmas album with just holiday parodies?
Al Says: My record label was actually pushing for that very early in my career. After I gave them "Christmas at Ground Zero" they stopped asking.

From How does concert season tire you? Excite? :
Al Says: I always wind up at the end of the tour skinny, pale and bruised, but in a lot better shape than when I started out.

From dwhite@marshill.com: Al I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, which is only 33 days away, The day before mine!!
Al Says: Thanks! Happy Birthday to you, too.

From "Weird Mike": Why did you pick Wilkes-Barre, PA to kick off the Bad Hair Tour?
Al Says: I didn't pick it personally. All tour dates are scheduled by my booking agents.

From Bad Hair Day@primenet.com: What was the "first" demo you sent to Dr. Demento?
Al Says: I think the first song of mine that he actually played on the radio was called "Belvedere Cruising", a song about my parents' 1964 Black Plymouth Belvedere. It was really horrible. The song, not the car.

From Will a parody of macarena ever come out?:
Al Says: Every day of my life at least ten people ask me when I am going to do a macarena parody. The answer is hopefully not in this lifetime.

Al Says: This has been a lot of fun. A lot of very interesting questions. Thanks a lot, we'll see you next time! Goodbye, goodbye!

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